It’s fantastic that you stopped by.

I am Matea, and I have created this site as a source of ideas for all of you home-cooks looking for inspiration. I will do my best to offer you as many recipes, stories, instructions, and photos as possible. I will provide you with a couple of quick facts about myself.

  • I am 29 years old.
  • My favorite ingredient is chocolate. And figs. And lamb.
  • Born and raised in Croatia, currently living in Sweden.
  • I adore fruity red wines and good craft beers.
  • Biggest fan of potatoes, made in all kinds of ways. 
  • Spring is my favorite season.
  • Burgers are my weakness.
  • Engineer by education.
  • I love making desserts, but I’ve realized that, after all, savory food is my number one.
  • Asian and Italian cuisines are my favorites. Can’t resist a good stir fry or some creamy spaghetti. Not to mention dumplings.

That’s all that comes to my mind now. Hope you will enjoy my page.