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Roasted Sweet & Sour Salmon with Broccoli, Kimchi and Jasmine Rice

This was one great combination of flavors. All of the ingredients and flavors combined so beautifully and even though I don’t repeat recipes so often, I cannot wait to make this one again. Ingredients for 3 servings:3 salmon fillets2 handfuls of broccoli stemsKimchiJasmine rice For the sauce:2 cloves garlic1 small piece of fresh ginger3 tbsp …

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Roasted Tomato, Basil and Ricotta Bruschetta

I really love appetisers and bruschetta is one of my favourites. All related to Italy makes my heart sing, I cannot help myself. Carbs are life. This combination of slow-roasted tomatoes, silky whipped ricotta, aromatic pesto genovese and toasted garlicky peace of bread is just divine. Slow roasted tomatoes are easy to make. Just season …